Will and I spent the weekend skiing in Lake Tahoe, and it’s still weird to me that I don’t have to worry about finishing up a homework problem set when I get back or turning in an assignment. I literally have the whole entire weekend to have fun! Being an adult is the best.

Fresh powder at Heavenly with Lake Tahoe in the background
Fresh powder at Heavenly Mountain Resort with Lake Tahoe in the background

Some highlights:

  • On the way to Kirkwood on Saturday morning, it was snowing (!!) so there was a sign telling us to put chains on the tires to drive over the pass.  So we pulled over and spent about 20 minutes putting on the chains (well, Will spent 20 minutes adjusting the chains and I spent said 20 minutes alternatively driving the car back and forth in tiny increments and staring out the window).  After a hundred feet of snowy road plus an additional half mile of completely clear road, we pulled over yet again to take the chains off.  I guess it’s good practice?
  • Going up one of the lifts, down below we saw a tiny little snowboarder in a pink jumpsuit riding through a terrain park (and when I say tiny, I mean 3 or 4 years old tops).  She slows down as she approaches a small jump, then rides up the jump but doesn’t quite make it to the top but does a tiny little hop anyways, then slides back down the front side of the jump.  It was super cute.  Also super impressive.
  • Heavenly (one of the mountains in Lake Tahoe) got half a foot of fresh snow overnight, and we made fresh tracks on a powder run through the trees on Sunday morning, which was awesome until it ended in an unintentional faceplant-inspired snow-angel.
Over the river and through the woods...
Over the river and through the woods…
  • We found a place to stay through Airbnb, which usually works out really well, except this time we realized when we arrived that we actually stayed in someone’s room and she left to go sleep somewhere else.  It was all part of the plan (unbeknownst to us) but I still felt pretty weird kicking someone out of their room.
  • After dealing with snow on our faces for the better part of a day, we caved and bought face masks.  They were totally worth it because now I can also use it to do useful things like be Darth Vader for Halloween and then eventually give it to my kids so that they can be Darth Vader for Halloween.  It’s a whole cycle, you see.
Yes, I do have little kid goggles because I’ve had the same ones since I was ten. Why change it when it works?!