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Everyone should be homeless once in their life

The title of this blog post is dedicated to every person that's said some version of that phrase to me in the past few months, which is more people than I can count on two hands. It's also honestly not... Continue Reading →

Brief intermission featuring my high school and some corgis

You'd think that leaving a country would be easier than entering it, but you'd be wrong. Somehow when I tried to leave Chile this time around my change in visa status confused the system and I was left at the... Continue Reading →

In a land where dogs use crosswalks

This is mostly just random stories and pictures from the month of October in  La Serena, Chile, but sometimes I do feel like my life is an SNL skit as illustrated in the last story of this post. I was... Continue Reading →

Pisco is a drink but also a place

I've been hearing about the mystical Valle de Elqui since my first trip to Chile in January 2018, and now almost two years later I can finally say that I've been and it's beautiful. I highly recommend both Pisco the... Continue Reading →

Total (solar) eclipse of the heart

Yeah, the title is cheesy, but a solar eclipse is also a surprisingly emotional event. Last Tuesday (July 2nd), my coworkers and I (and another friend) watched as the entire city of La Serena, Chile erupted in cheers when the... Continue Reading →

Another week, another beautiful Chilean sky

If the first week of this Chile trip was mostly categorized by flight delays and missing hardware (that I eventually found), the second week at the LSST observatory on Cerro Pachón was absolutely full of the most gorgeous sunsets I've... Continue Reading →

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