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A Tour du Mont Blanc

After two weeks, three countries, 115 miles, and more than a Mount Everest of total elevation gain, my parents and I officially completed the loop around the Mont Blanc massif. Our trekking guide was very adamant about calling the trip... Continue Reading →

An unexpected run with the bulls

By run, I mean more of a meander, but that's just semantics. Texas is full of stellar facial hair I ended up in Dallas, Texas for 24 hours last week by accident. I was traveling with a coworker to Chile,... Continue Reading →

Penguins in real life {Chile Round 2}

And no, the zoo doesn't count as seeing real penguins. Neither does a penguin statue. So, here ya go: I was in Chile in November for two weeks, ostensibly for work doing telescope-related things. And by work, I mean accidentally... Continue Reading →

Skiing in Lake Tahoe

Will and I spent the weekend skiing in Lake Tahoe, and it's still weird to me that I don't have to worry about finishing up a homework problem set when I get back or turning in an assignment. I literally... Continue Reading →

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