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Wins and Losses from 2022

Back in January I wrote a post about my goals for the year, and then followed that up in July with a mid-year check-in, so here's the obligatory end-of-year wrap-up post. 1. My first goal was to write 2 blog... Continue Reading →

Life in Tahoe

Will's house in Tahoe is technically on the Nevada side, but I tell most people in Chile that I live in California because it's much easier than explaining that Lake Tahoe is on the border between California and Nevada and... Continue Reading →

I can’t use a computer so I’m writing poetry instead

Alternative title: Lasik eye surgery is more painful and also easier than I expected and I absolutely love it but I looked cute in glasses. I got Lasik last Friday and avoided screens over the weekend as well as earlier... Continue Reading →

Fall Colors, Snow, and Sunshine in Yosemite

In a very on-brand fashion, I celebrated my return to the US by spending two consecutive weekends in Yosemite with my favorite people during the first two weekends in November. The weather forecast for the first weekend predicted lots of... Continue Reading →

Chile Springtime Photolog

I just got back to the US on Friday after a three(ish) week stint in Chile, which was a bit of a whirlwind between observatory activities and scheduling too much fun and missing not one but two international flights. To... Continue Reading →

Insider tips for people who want to do the Tour du Mont Blanc trek

I thought it would be worth noting down the variations we did of the Tour du Mont Blanc as well as some tidbits from our guide that will be useful if I ever do this again, and for anyone else... Continue Reading →

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