I’ve been doing a number of things recently that I would posit qualify me as a real adult:

  • Used the word “posit”
  • Turned 24 and thus officially entered my mid-twenties
  • Changed my own engine oil and only spilled a little bit
  • Submitted an offer on a house, and got rejected, and then found another exciting one to submit an offer on
  • Dealt with dragging a rancid broken freezer out of my garage that was literally dripping neon green-yellow liquid, which was hands-down the worst smell I’ve ever experienced (keep in mind that claim is coming from someone who grew up in a state with more chickens than people, and who went to an elementary school next to a chicken farm)
  • Amended my tax return because I got all excited and submitted early but forgot about one 1099 form that I received later
  • Snaked the shower drain to remove all the hair because I shed like a dog
  • Snuck out on a stupendous solo sojourn to the snowy Sierras for a secretly saucy celebration but mostly some seriously superb skiing
    • (I am simultaneously proud of and revolted by the pretentiousness of the previous phrase, and I have no idea what an actual saucy celebration entails but mine mostly involved tiger chai lattes and an entire sleeve of thin mints, because calories don’t count on your birthday, obviously)
  • Remembered to buy toilet paper before we ran out (super happy about this one)
  • Actually vacuumed the living room and dining room before having people over for game night
  • Upgraded from a twin bed to a queen bed and then immediately replaced my princess blanket on it, because adulting all the time is boring
Yes, Teddy sleeps with me every night, as do Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, and Snow White

So, progress, right?!