For someone who doesn’t call herself an avid traveler, I’ve explored quite a few places over six continents. The only one I’m still missing is Antarctica, and even though it’s super freakin cold and kind of annoying to get to, I feel semi-obligated to visit one day just to complete the list.

I love any and all outdoor activities, mostly ones that involve going up a mountain and then getting back down the mountain in various ways. In the summers, you’ll find me hiking, climbing, and biking in the mountains when I’m not stuck at work, and winter weekends are reserved for skiing unless there’s a particularly good reason not to be in the mountains. Avalanches are one such reason but I’m sure there are others.

Some of my favorite memories include trekking up Kilimanjaro with my dad and brother, hiking up Mount Whitney in the snow, and climbing Half Dome. My partner and I also decided to do two Yosemite classics in one weekend (the Matthes Crest Traverse and Cathedral Peak), which isn’t particularly boast-worthy but still felt like a lot of effort.

My current bucket list includes (among other things) deep water solo climbing in Mallorca, trekking up Machu Picchu, climbing the Nose route on El Capitan, and mountaineering in Patagonia. Hope to see you out there!