I am super excited to report that I got a job teaching for a start-up called Wizbots, which organizes after-school robotics workshops throughout the Bay Area.  Wizbots provides Imagineering programs for kids, combining robots with lower tech arts and crafts to create incredibly cool and complex machines.  And I get to guide the students as they design and create their projects!

I went to my first after-school lab session yesterday and it was awesome.  Two of the groups built catapults and launched ping-pong balls at each other over a foot-tall wall made of PVC pipe.  It was pretty epic.

I’m starting part-time in a few weeks when I’m done volunteering at the Exploratorium, and then in the summer I’ll lead summer camps full-time.  Basically, I’m gonna be a Big Wiz.  And it’s gonna be awesome.  Feel free to start addressing me by that title.