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The little-er camera

I went climbing (well, bouldering) yesterday for the first time in a depressingly long time and my forearms were not prepared. If anyone wants to come help me open this jar of pasta sauce I'd appreciate it. In other news,... Continue Reading →

A few recent projects

Before jumping in, I figured it's never not a good time for an unrelated college throwback photo, specifically a photo from when I taught a robotics and engineering class at a local elementary school. Still crossing my fingers that one... Continue Reading →

From astronaut to observatory engineer

In honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (annually on February 11th), I figured I'd write a little bit about what I actually do as an engineer, how I got here, and how it's going. When... Continue Reading →

Everyone should be homeless once in their life

The title of this blog post is dedicated to every person that's said some version of that phrase to me in the past few months, which is more people than I can count on two hands. It's also honestly not... Continue Reading →

Slacker of the month

Or should I say SLAC-er? Anyways, the gym here on SLAC's campus is ARCAS, or the Arrillaga Recreation Center at SLAC, and I got interviewed as the member of the month for May 2017, so I figured I'd share it... Continue Reading →

Breakroom Etiquette

The breakroom in my office at SLAC is a place fraught with spilled coffee, the CERN Courier (the magazine of our over-shadowing and vastly superior big-brother of an accelerator), and conversations with people who don’t want to go back to... Continue Reading →

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