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Wisdom from an 8-year-old

Checklist for success from one of my students in a Wizbots class.  This student was trying to solve the "Maze Bowling" challenge: the robot must navigate a simple maze in order to knock down a stack of cups at the... Continue Reading →

One of “those” people

My job at Wizbots is now in half-swing, and I am loving the sleeping in and relatively free mornings. (I say "half" instead of "full" because I'm still an assistant; I won't be a lab leader until the end of... Continue Reading →

I’m gonna be a Big Wiz!

I am super excited to report that I got a job teaching for a start-up called Wizbots, which organizes after-school robotics workshops throughout the Bay Area.  Wizbots provides Imagineering programs for kids, combining robots with lower tech arts and crafts... Continue Reading →

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