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I’m gonna be a Big Wiz!

I am super excited to report that I got a job teaching for a start-up called Wizbots, which organizes after-school robotics workshops throughout the Bay Area.  Wizbots provides Imagineering programs for kids, combining robots with lower tech arts and crafts... Continue Reading →

My New Gig at the SF Exploratorium

As a mechanical engineer who doesn't really enjoy machining or designing things on the computer, I'm pretty screwed when it comes to industry jobs.  I'm also not really sure how to turn playing with kids and robots (which is what... Continue Reading →

I made it home (a while ago)

Now that I've gotten past the craziness of the holidays and moving and starting my new job (details to come), I will theoretically have more time to share some entertaining stories. Theoretically. To wrap up my Euro trip, which was... Continue Reading →

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