Every morning before the Exploratorium opens, the Explainers attend an hour-long informal training led by one of the scientists at the museum to teach us about a new exhibit or delve more deeply into an existing one.

Today’s training was about light, specifically rainbows on soap films and oil spills and the like.  This brought up Thomas Young because he was a scientist at the same time as Isaac Newton and made some important discoveries even though nobody knows him except for structural engineers (Young’s modulus) and small-particle physicists.  So Ken, the physicist leading the training, decided to make up a rap about him to try and make him more well-known.

Some background information: Thomas Young made significant contributions to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics as well as created a method for tuning musical instruments.

Trying to figure out how light’s a wave

Standing at a party, an Egyptian rave

The pictures on the wall are telling me things

I wonder if I can tune these instrument strings

This whole interaction reminded me of this hilarious song, so I’ll just leave it here for you.