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Chairlift conversation topics by popularity

On Friday at Heavenly Resort in Tahoe I skied (by myself for the day) down the equivalent of Mt. Everest, which also includes riding chairlifts up the equivalent of Mt. Everest. So, I spent a lot of time making small... Continue Reading →

Springtime in February {Tahoe ski trip}

I booked this solo birthday trip to Tahoe a few months ago, hoping for some powder. Twas not to be. I got particularly worried about the lack of snow as I was playing soccer at lunchtime in 70+ degree weather... Continue Reading →

A hike and a half at Heavenly

Will and I spent part of the weekend skiing at Heavenly and the other part driving, because apparently everyone and their mother and their dog had the same idea for a ski trip weekend. Fortunately, even though the lot was... Continue Reading →

Ski trip via pictures that aren’t mine

I'm rushing to post these pictures from my MLK ski trip before Will and I head off to the mountains yet again this weekend.  He was with his family this past weekend while I frolicked in the powdery snow at Mt. Rose... Continue Reading →

Skiing in Lake Tahoe

Will and I spent the weekend skiing in Lake Tahoe, and it's still weird to me that I don't have to worry about finishing up a homework problem set when I get back or turning in an assignment. I literally... Continue Reading →

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