I booked this solo birthday trip to Tahoe a few months ago, hoping for some powder. Twas not to be. I got particularly worried about the lack of snow as I was playing soccer at lunchtime in 70+ degree weather this week. That’s not conducive to frozen things staying frozen.

Luckily, some of the snow did stay behind, and it wasn’t as slushy as I anticipated. Plus, I got away with wearing just a long sleeve shirt and a windbreaker, and I even spotted a few guys in t-shirts. No cold fingers this time, unlike the -16 F weather that I encountered skiing in Canada over Christmas. Who knew that in California you could go springtime skiing at the beginning of February?!

Obnoxiously teal and proud of it. Plus I match my skis, obviously, because why not?
Solid half-day, powered by an entire sleeve of thin mint girl scout cookies for lunch. It’s my birthday and I can eat what I want. I had quinoa for dinner so it all evens out, right?!
Celebrating in style. Thanks, Trader Joe’s!

Happy birthday to me!