I’m rushing to post these pictures from my MLK ski trip before Will and I head off to the mountains yet again this weekend.  He was with his family this past weekend while I frolicked in the powdery snow at Mt. Rose with our other three roommates (whom I must thank for the use of their Instagram pics).  So off to Heavenly we go tomorrow morning!

In other news, my roommate Carlos brought two of his go-pros and as a group we got some sweet videos of us skiing/boarding through the trees.  It might take him a few months, but if the video ever gets edited I’ll share it.  I may or may not star in a 20-second clip of me tumbling down the mountain.  I fell twice all weekend and they were both caught on tape.  Classic.

Carlos’s goggle game is spot-on.
The lifts closed an hour early on Saturday due to high winds and we got stuck on the wrong side of the mountain, so we had to catch a shuttle back to the other side.  Somehow I ended up under all the skis.
Just cheezin’
This photo does not do justice to the strenuousness of this hike. I was dying. The snow on the other side was not super worth it, but Carlos took some sweet group pics.
Chillin on top of ze mountain.
Panorama pic! iPhones are fancy.
We stayed at an AirBnB that included gourmet breakfast.  Not pictured is the individual-sized banana bread and the sighs of content that could be heard all around the table.
We also opted to have our host cook us dinner one night.
We stayed in just a little too long but boy, was it worth it.
On Sunday, the lifts were closed early around 11am, so Arnaud and I went exploring in the woods behind our AirBnB.
While the other guys took pictures of pretty mountain scenery, I chose to snap a photo of this abandoned outhouse that Arnaud and I found during our hike. #priorities
Also these chairs. Super useful.
And of course, a ski vacation wouldn’t be complete without a board game win from yours truly. This is a picture of Carlos (the ship) landing on my hotel and going bankrupt. Mwahahahahaaa