See, it kinda looks like we’re skiing in that photo, but really what we’re doing is hiking on skis. I learned this winter that “backcountry skiing” is a total misnomer, and really it should be more like “slogging up snowy mountains with a better way of getting down”. I mean, I like hiking as much as anyone (or, at least, anyone who likes hiking), but somehow it gets a lot harder when the surface is slippery and smooshy and my butt freezes when I sit down for lunch.

Not psyched. Or maybe the sun was in my eyes? Unclear.
Somehow you fall a lot more when not actually skiing during a backcountry outing
At least I wasn’t the only one strugglebussing my way up
But, in the end, I will admit it’s pretty worth it
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Especially with turns like that

I’m not saying I’m out on backcountry skiing. Quite the opposite in fact, it’s pretty fun to be out and about in the snowy mountains with very few other people around. But, we need to rename this sport pronto.

Also spent some time at ski resorts this year, of which I mostly have pictures of other people resting so I’m gonna skip posting those. Mostly the Heavenly and Kirkwood resorts in Lake Tahoe, with a side trip to Park City for a week (I highly recommend the Orange Bubble Express lift with the heated seats, it’s bougie and unnecessary and AWESOME).

As well as digging ourselves out of snowstorms, because that’s how you know it’s gonna be a good day.

I sorta helped
But mostly just provided moral support

Sadly I’ll miss most of next season when I move to South America in January, but I’m told Chile has some solid ski mountains to check out (well, I suppose all mountains are solid by definition, but you get the point). Now I just need to get good enough at Spanish to properly translate “send it bro!”