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Caltrain Stats: the dreaded morning commute

Now that I'm done volunteering at the Exploratorium, I am very much looking forward to sleeping in since I was waking up super early to arrive at work by 8:30 am. To get to the museum, I had to bike ten... Continue Reading →

I wrote a poem in honor of my last day at the Exploratorium

There once was a group of Explainers Who might or might not have been sane(r) Teaching science to kids Their hair all a-frizz Their excitement couldn't have been plainer These Explainers, they welcomed me in With a chuckle and a... Continue Reading →

Slingshots and trampolines are my favorite part of work

The Exploratorium has a Tinkering Studio which allows visitors to play and think with their hands, more so than the rest of the museum because people can actually build their own machine.  One of the activities involves creating a Rube... Continue Reading →

If scientists were rappers

Every morning before the Exploratorium opens, the Explainers attend an hour-long informal training led by one of the scientists at the museum to teach us about a new exhibit or delve more deeply into an existing one. Today's training was... Continue Reading →

Apparently I need a “real job” and other things I learned at the Exploratorium

One of the demonstrations at the Exploratorium is called "Where Do You Sit?", and it's basically just a philosophical question where visitors can sit around a table at "Yes", "No", or "Maybe" and then talk about their opinions.  For example, some questions... Continue Reading →

My New Gig at the SF Exploratorium

As a mechanical engineer who doesn't really enjoy machining or designing things on the computer, I'm pretty screwed when it comes to industry jobs.  I'm also not really sure how to turn playing with kids and robots (which is what... Continue Reading →

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