Now that I’m done volunteering at the Exploratorium, I am very much looking forward to sleeping in since I was waking up super early to arrive at work by 8:30 am. To get to the museum, I had to bike ten minutes from my apartment to the train station, ride the train for an hour, and then bike another fifteen minutes from the San Francisco train station to the Exploratorium. That, my friends, is a long-ass commute. On the bright side, I’m now really good at biking.

Here are some stats from my time as a train-and-bike commuter:

  • Times I almost left my wallet on the train: 7
  • Times I actually left my wallet on the train: 1
  • Times I wasn’t allowed on the train because there were already too many bikes: 2
  • Times I (accidentally) rode without a ticket: 2
  • Times I got caught: 1
  • Times I talked my way out of a fine: 1
  • Times I whacked someone with my backpack (by accident) when trying to get on/off the train with my bike: 9
  • Times I forgot to tag off on my way home, realized this right as I was biking into my apartment complex, and had to bike all the way back to the station: 4
  • Times I was late to work and it wasn’t my fault: 2
  • Times I was late to work and it was my fault: 1
  • Times I wished I had driven the car: none. Not once. Traffic up there is horrendous. And that’s coming from someone who used to live in LA.