And no, the zoo doesn’t count as seeing real penguins. Neither does a penguin statue. So, here ya go:

They didn’t deign to turn their heads for silly tourists

I was in Chile in November for two weeks, ostensibly for work doing telescope-related things. And by work, I mean accidentally getting high on isopropanol fumes while cleaning tools because altitude is hard. But also real work, like measuring things and arts and crafts and taking pictures of wildlife.

Lightbulb height measured accurately to three significant digits
Arts and crafts in the observatory
There’s a lizard in there somewhere, they tell me
Somebody thought ahead and built the door *just* big enough to fit the (ginormous) mirror coating chamber
This location was a better choice than in the middle of the road from the summit hostel up to the observatory, where he was found previously

On the bright side, two weeks in Chile means there’s a weekend in the middle there, hence the penguins. And some other fun creatures, like nose-hole turkey vultures and confused-looking guanacos (closely related to llamas) and a few different types of cormorant birds all classily hanging out on their own poop. Kudos to my coworker for most of these pictures, he’s much more into photography than me. (Hence the picture-of-guys-taking-pictures-of-lizards meta picture above.)


Aggressive cuddling

As annoying as it is to get there (I’m looking at you, 2-hour Santiago customs line following 11 hours on a delayed plane), at least telescopes are built in pretty places. Until next time, adios.