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In a land where dogs use crosswalks

This is mostly just random stories and pictures from the month of October in  La Serena, Chile, but sometimes I do feel like my life is an SNL skit as illustrated in the last story of this post. I was... Continue Reading →

Another week, another beautiful Chilean sky

If the first week of this Chile trip was mostly categorized by flight delays and missing hardware (that I eventually found), the second week at the LSST observatory on Cerro Pachón was absolutely full of the most gorgeous sunsets I've... Continue Reading →

Penguins in real life {Chile Round 2}

And no, the zoo doesn't count as seeing real penguins. Neither does a penguin statue. So, here ya go: I was in Chile in November for two weeks, ostensibly for work doing telescope-related things. And by work, I mean accidentally... Continue Reading →

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