Now that I’ve gotten past the craziness of the holidays and moving and starting my new job (details to come), I will theoretically have more time to share some entertaining stories. Theoretically.

To wrap up my Euro trip, which was admittedly mostly a vacation with some studying mixed in, here are some tidbits from my final weeks:

  • I had to ask each of my profs for a mini-recommendation (basically just saying that I did indeed attend the class and that I was academically prepared for it), so my fluids prof wanted to chat a bit about my experience since he didn’t really know me anyways. I ended up telling him to his face that I wasn’t super interested in his class, because well, I wasn’t.  Still got credit for the class though.  Boom.
  • My last night at Polytechnique was spent singing karaoke at the campus bar where I starred in “Barbie Girl” and “Let It Be”.  Everyone knew all of the words to Barbie Girl without even looking at the screen.  Why am I not surprised.
  • I spent my last weekend in Copenhagen, where I saw a super entertaining (and also beautifully performed) ballet featuring troll beetles, bog children, witch vampires, headless giants, and an altogether incomprehensible storyline.  But the guy gets the girl in the end, so there’s that.




  • Copenhagen also had some interesting candy in a giant department store that was also half fancy groceries and café.






  • And then I got on a big ol’ flight back to the US where I immediately had an apple with almond butter.  Because nut butter isn’t really a thing in Europe.  They’re missing out.