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euro trip

I made it home (a while ago)

Now that I've gotten past the craziness of the holidays and moving and starting my new job (details to come), I will theoretically have more time to share some entertaining stories. Theoretically. To wrap up my Euro trip, which was... Continue Reading →

This is why school math is useless {Switzerland 2014}

One of the main differences I noticed between Europe and the US is that people are much more cultured. They know more languages and have visited more places and are generally more adept at navigating in a foreign place. To... Continue Reading →

Rhinos freaking out, donkeys playing the accordion and other stories {Vienna 2014}

My weekend trip to Vienna, Austria was especially exciting because I met up with my childhood friend Kristin who studied in Copenhagen for the semester.  As we wandered around the town, a couple of things stood out: A burger joint... Continue Reading →

Classic Tourist

One of my friends in London came to visit me this weekend, so we did the classic Paris tourist walk on Friday afternoon. Until Friday, I hadn't actually been to the Eiffel Tower in the entire month I'd been in... Continue Reading →

Adventure Squared

However much I complain about the layers of bureaucracy that I've had to wade through on France, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the super relaxed liability requirements. On Saturday, my friend and I went adventuring (quite... Continue Reading →

Yubo can’t cut bread and other stories

First, a quick overview of the weekend: My great-aunt invited me to lunch on Saturday, so I went with fellow Caltech exchange students Yubo and Cedric and we had a lovely time (besides the fact that I've seen her once... Continue Reading →

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