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Quotable Quotes 9

Since it is my last day in Paris, it's only fitting that I end this series of funny French quotes with one of my own. When I got on the airplane to leave, I sent a text message to my... Continue Reading →

Quotable Quotes 8

So I've always thought that the saying "it's raining cats and dogs" was pretty strange because it doesn't actually have a shred of literal sense. But the French one-upped us again.  They say "il pleut comme vache qui pisse" which... Continue Reading →

Quotable Quotes 7

So, in French "vrai vie" translates to "real life" or "reality".  Except Cedric's solid state professor who teaches in English kept talking about silicon in "true life".  So now we know a true life French gangsta.

Quotable Quotes 6

This time the translation got lost in the other direction: one of my American friends was trying to find beets in the supermarket so she told the guy behind the counter, "Je voudrais des ... beets." Which she thought meant... Continue Reading →

Quotable Quotes 5

One of my French friends has a British girlfriend, so his English is pretty good but he still sometimes makes mistakes.  For example, he explained that he doesn't always get the curse words right: "It doesn't come to me naturally,... Continue Reading →

Quotable Quotes 4

My Italian friend Riccardo was telling us about his day in Paris, and he said: "I met a Korean girl. She was really nice... and really expensive." ...wait, what?!  Apparently the Italian word closest to "expensive" means outgoing, but all... Continue Reading →

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