Fútbol is not a photogenic sport, at least not for un-graceful players like me. I present you Exhibits A-C, photos from this past weekend’s game, the third of the season (Club Deportes La Serena vs Fernández Vial).

Now that the fútbol season is in full swing I really don’t do much with my life besides work and practice, so I don’t have anything particularly fun to relate. Except for maybe my friend group’s newfound obsession with both the dice game Cacho and the card game Coup, both of which involve bluffing and lying and I’m not sure what that says about us as a group but let’s not think too hard about it.

I’m barely sliding in on my once-per-month blog post goal, but I’ll leave you with this gem. I’d say that they definitely could have picked a better header photo, but I doubt one exists. Again, see Exhibits A-C above. More importantly, I swear I’ve corrected them on how to spell my name a gazillion times, but what can ya do?!