Fútbol first, obviously. The opening game of the season is on Saturday, and it’s safe to say that as a team, we are fully stoked. Fans still aren’t allowed to attend, but we do get to play in La Serena’s fancy stadium. To promote the team a bit, this week I along with two of my teammates did an interview with a local sports pundit that covers all things related to Club Deportes La Serena (in Spanish Chilean, of course. Don’t make fun of my accent, I know it needs help). We chatted about how I ended up on the team (mostly serendipitous), learning Spanish on the fly, taking time off of work for away games, and goals for the upcoming season. I only got lost in the conversation a couple of times, so I suppose that’s some progress.

Separately, I’m still dabbling in science writing via Massive Science, this time about a confusing galaxy and how to optimize half-time in a game. Only “dabbling” and mostly shorter pieces because work and fútbol and baking my new favorite healthy-ish cookies take up most of my time nowadays. But hey, cookies are important.