The title of this blog post is dedicated to every person that’s said some version of that phrase to me in the past few months, which is more people than I can count on two hands. It’s also honestly not a very useful or empathetic comment.

Long story short, my lease in California ended in August, at which time I packed up all my stuff into storage started living out of a suitcase. My travel schedule has been so hectic that it didn’t make sense to live (i.e. rent an apartment) either in California or in Chile (where I’m relocating for work) since my lease ended, so I’ve been crashing with friends/family when in the States and staying in my company’s visitor housing when I’m in my new home (La Serena, Chile).

Shenanigans with the chicas. There is a super cute vegan restaurant in downtown La Serena that has card games on the tables and I am absolutely going to spend too much money there regardless of my lack of dietary restrictions

But January is the month, when I will finally rent my own apartment, and get to live alone for the first time ever, because California is freakin expensive. Hooray!!

Anyways, I put together some December Chile happenings via a photo log for your entertainment and/or edification. The cover photo for this post isn’t actually the LSST observatory, it’s the Gemini and SOAR observatories a kilometer away on the same mountaintop (cerro), but I love the pre-sunset almost-full moon.

Summit shots, clockwise from top left: this cactus is called “the seat of the mother-in-law” and is sprinkled all over the summit hills; trying (and mostly failing) to take an artsy pre-sunset mountain photo; overnight someone left a fun doodle on my summit vehicle; this zorro loves to hang out around the cafeteria around dinnertime
Hardware is happening on the summit! Mechanical installation as well as electrical and glycol connections accomplished for some camera refrigeration cabinets

Plus some non-work-related happenings because work hard, play hard.

Super digging the double-summer vibes!
Overhangs all day every day (except when my forearms start dying)
Being patient during photoshoots is not my strong suit, sorry amigas

As much as I’m loving southern hemisphere summertime, I’m excited to head back to the States soon to enjoy the holidays and maybe even dabble in some snow sports. Merry Christmas everyone!