In the spirit of getting more practice writing, a few weeks ago on a whim I decided to sign up for a month-long creative writing class. I normally stick to non-fiction semi-entertaining stories about my life (and based on the unreliability of these blog posts, even that can be a struggle), but this class has prompted me to write in ways I usually don’t, namely poetry. So I thought I’d share.

[Cover photo is a from recent evening that I spent at the observatory.]

To My Younger Self: A Haiku

     It's okay to ask
     For help, for love, for a hug
     You are not alone

The Climb

     The mountain lake beckons from far below
          But there's no time
     My foot searches along the rock for a divot, a crack, anything to hold onto
          But there's no space
     The winds are picking up, blowing across my face and up over the ridge
          I tighten my grip
     I look for a sign, any sign of civilization in the distance
     The sun is setting, I rummage in my pack for a headlamp
          At least there's chocolate.

How to become an engineer

    Some little kids
    Who go to school
    Don’t want to study,
    They want to be "cool"

    That can’t be you!
    If you want to succeed
    You have to care
    And you have to believe. 

    Find what you like
    Drawing atoms? Writing code?
    Building bridges? Wiring lights?
    Admiring stars? Designing roads? 

    At night as you sleep
    Let yourself dream
    Of programming robots
    Or creating a vaccine

    It’s not always easy
    And it’s not always fun
    But it’s worth it in the end
    I know -- I am one!