That’s the theme of the annual soccer barbecue hoedown throwdown tomorrow afternoon.  If you thought I was going to go on a political rant, I’m sorry to disappoint you but thanks for clicking anyways.

At work I play soccer during lunch with a bunch of the guys and no other girls, which is pretty standard for my life as a Caltech engineer.  But it’s a lot of fun, and I’ve finally gained some respect by scoring two goals, and whenever I play goalie they don’t shoot too hard which is a huge advantage for whichever team I’m on.  I’ll take it.

Tomorrow is the annual America vs. the rest of the world match, where we actually keep score and attempt to shut down that super sprightly European guy that can dribble circles around everyone.  It’ll be interesting to see how seriously people take this game, because I’ve already seen one guy gash his head open and need stitches and another guy throw a punch (and miss…he is an engineer after all).

arcas slac
This is where I get to play every day. It may be the middle of nowhere, but it sure is pretty!