I thought that the Pride Parade in San Francisco was going to be unbeatable in terms of interesting characters.  I was wrong.

On Saturday, Will and I headed to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park. When we weren’t listening to some down-home country banjos or getting squished in on all sides by tipsy hippies or watching a stranger pet a baby she didn’t know, there was some incredible people-watching to be done.  Highlights (and this is just the stuff I managed to get a picture of):

  • This guy with boxed wine on his back, both red and white.  He literally made a backpack by duct-taping two boxes of wine together with some backpack straps, a portable party.


  • This adorable miniature husky whose name was “Fumbles”.  I kid you not.


  • These guys who were flagging down friends with a super tall pink flamingo.  Note the joveralls.  There were a lot of guys getting away with overalls, and girls getting away with the biggest bellbottoms you’ve ever seen.


  • And to finish things off, I’ll just leave these here for your enjoyment.