So that was the theme of the giant party this weekend hosted by ENSTA-Paristech (which shares its campus with Polytechnique).  I thought that dressing up in full-body cow suits was just an American thing, but apparently it’s more universal than that.  To be honest, I’m not totally sure what the appeal is.  I’ve also never seen that many pig masks in one place.  I didn’t see them being sold on campus or anything, which leads me to the conclusion that everyone went to the exact same store which happened to have an oversupply of pig masks.  Literally 60% of the students there had this mask, even the ones dressed as farmers in jeans and plaid and straw hats.


As a Caltech student whose party experience is relatively limited, I was surprised when we had to pay to get in and even more so when I realized there were not one, but three separate dance floors with DJ’s.  At Caltech we have to make the single dance floor as small as possible so it doesn’t look empty.  At ENSTA it was actually crowded.

The other difference is that most French guys know how to dance “le rock and roll”, which is sort of like swing dancing but with simpler footwork, and it is super common to do it at parties (to rock music).  I convinced one of my French friends to try and teach me a bit.  Because of salsa, I was mostly able to follow his lead but instead of teaching me any basics this guy just dove right in so I was pretty lost for the first bit.  I blame the sangria.