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From astronaut to observatory engineer

In honor of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (annually on February 11th), I figured I'd write a little bit about what I actually do as an engineer, how I got here, and how it's going. When... Continue Reading →

An unexpected run with the bulls

By run, I mean more of a meander, but that's just semantics. Texas is full of stellar facial hair I ended up in Dallas, Texas for 24 hours last week by accident. I was traveling with a coworker to Chile,... Continue Reading →

A visit to Dragonstone {Spain 2018}

Turns out telescope hardware is built in some beautiful places. For my project in particular (the LSST), the telescope mount assembly, or TMA (i.e. the part of the telescope that tilts and rotates while holding the camera and the mirrors)... Continue Reading →

Chile isn’t chilly {Chile Round 1}

At least not in the winter. I mean, summer. I mean, January. You see how this gets confusing. Anyways, I was in La Serena, Chile a few weeks ago to visit the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope construction site on Cerro... Continue Reading →

Soccer is not a photogenic sport

I play pickup soccer (almost) every day at lunchtime at the SLAC gym, and a couple of weeks ago one of our regulars left SLAC, so we took a group picture and some action shots of the game. Usually we... Continue Reading →

Slacker of the month

Or should I say SLAC-er? Anyways, the gym here on SLAC's campus is ARCAS, or the Arrillaga Recreation Center at SLAC, and I got interviewed as the member of the month for May 2017, so I figured I'd share it... Continue Reading →

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