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Southern hemisphere summer

Now that I'm back in the US just in time for spring, it occurs to me that my seasons are super out of whack. Starting from last (northern) summer spent in California, I was in Chile for most of the... Continue Reading →

Brief intermission featuring my high school and some corgis

You'd think that leaving a country would be easier than entering it, but you'd be wrong. Somehow when I tried to leave Chile this time around my change in visa status confused the system and I was left at the... Continue Reading →

Summer photo log {2019}

For whatever OCD-inspired reason, I feel obligated to post things in order, so even though I just spent a day in the crazy-beautiful Elqui Valley just outside of La Serena, Chile, I shall now subject you to a select few... Continue Reading →

A year ago today

A year ago today, I was hurt and broken. A year ago today, I was frightened and overwhelmed. A year ago today, I was angry and frustrated. A year ago today, I had tears streaming down my face. Today I... Continue Reading →

That awkward moment when I learned that my antidepressants dramatically slowed down the healing of my fractured collarbone

tl;dr: Taking fluoxetine (an SSRI antidepressant) inhibited my body's ability to regrow bone in order to heal a fracture in my collarbone. When my mother first discovered the connection and we were both googling like crazy, I couldn't find any... Continue Reading →

Adulting at its finest

I've been doing a number of things recently that I would posit qualify me as a real adult: Used the word "posit" Turned 24 and thus officially entered my mid-twenties Changed my own engine oil and only spilled a little... Continue Reading →

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