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Another week, another beautiful Chilean sky

If the first week of this Chile trip was mostly categorized by flight delays and missing hardware (that I eventually found), the second week at the LSST observatory on Cerro Pachón was absolutely full of the most gorgeous sunsets I've... Continue Reading →

Working hard or hardly working? {Chile Round 5}

After a not-so-thrilling 24 hours in Dallas, I did finally make it to Chile and up to the observatory to do real work. The goal for the first week of the trip was to unpack two giant crates of equipment... Continue Reading →

An unexpected run with the bulls

By run, I mean more of a meander, but that's just semantics. Texas is full of stellar facial hair I ended up in Dallas, Texas for 24 hours last week by accident. I was traveling with a coworker to Chile,... Continue Reading →

Fourth time’s the curse {Chile Round 4}

Literally the worst trip I've ever taken. It happened back at the beginning of May and I'm still traumatized, especially after how awesome the last trip was. It started, as many horror stories do, with food poisoning during a nine... Continue Reading →

Third time’s the charm {Chile Round 3}

Figured since I'm about to come home from my fourth trip to Chile, I should post pictures from the last one. Not gonna lie, the most exciting that happened to me when I traveled to La Serena in March was... Continue Reading →

Kilimanjaro tips for success

I've compiled a list of things to know before embarking on a trek to the tippity top of Africa. Some of these I did during my Kilimanjaro trip and was happy about, and some I didn't do and was sad about,... Continue Reading →

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