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A Walk in the Park {Kilimanjaro 2018 – Part II}

If you're confused, read Part I of my crazy family Christmas adventure first. And if you're bored of all this trekking, skip ahead to read about our two-day safari. Day 5: Barafu Camp is really cold After going up and... Continue Reading →

A Walk in the Park {Kilimanjaro 2018 – Part I}

By park, I mean Kilimanjaro National Park. And by walk, I mean seven-day trek. And by in, I mean to the tippity-top of. So, what I really intend to write about, is: A seven-day trek to the tippity-top of Kilimanjaro... Continue Reading →

A visit to Dragonstone {Spain 2018}

Turns out telescope hardware is built in some beautiful places. For my project in particular (the LSST), the telescope mount assembly, or TMA (i.e. the part of the telescope that tilts and rotates while holding the camera and the mirrors)... Continue Reading →

Mount Whitney by the numbers

We made it to the top!   Total number of hours on the mountain: 18.5 Round-trip mileage: 22 Feet of elevation gain: 6100 Highest elevation, in feet: 14,505 Number of (non life-threatening) self-arrests: 1 Depth of snow I accidentally stepped/fell... Continue Reading →

Good for you {Pinnacles National Park}

Will and I found out that last week was National Park Week upon our arrival to Pinnacles National Park on Sunday morning, which was filled to the brim with screaming children and lines for the bathroom. Flup. We had to... Continue Reading →

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