For whatever OCD-inspired reason, I feel obligated to post things in order, so even though I just spent a day in the crazy-beautiful Elqui Valley just outside of La Serena, Chile, I shall now subject you to a select few of the best photos from the summer.

Attempting to one-up my mother. Somehow we always end up spending the longest in the kid’s section of museums
Dressed up for a fancy post-summer-science-camp celebration dinner
Had to get rid of an older work laptop and thus the sticker collection I’ve worked so hard on :(
A New Design - Made with PosterMyWall (1)
Family fun in Yosemite Valley, with a surprise visit by Ninja Squirrel
Sometimes we hike and sometimes we nap
Took some friends climbing in Castle Rock State Park. Clockwise from top left: belaying with sass, relieved to find a good hold after a couple of sketchy overhung moves, we did eventually get him out of the chimney, and Will attempting to up his climbing game with my bright pink helmet

All in all, a successful couple of months. I’m ready for summer round 2 starting … now! because I moved to the Southern Hemisphere where seasons are reversed. Joke’s on you, winter!