A year ago today, I was hurt and broken.
A year ago today, I was frightened and overwhelmed.
A year ago today, I was angry and frustrated.
A year ago today, I had tears streaming down my face.

Today I am whole and strong.
Today I am fast and free.
Today I am confident and thankful.
Today I am smiling.

Today marks the anniversary of the bike accident that derailed my summer last year, and I think it’s worth reflecting on these things. While it was a relatively benign accident in the grand scheme of things, it was not easy for my active, adventurous self to sit on my butt for six months waiting for my body to heal. It was even more difficult and daunting to get back into the activities I used to love, because I hate being slower or weaker or less skilled than I feel that I should be. But I made it, and I’m stronger because of it.

I’m commemorating the experience by biking to work and playing soccer and climbing and dancing, because it feels apt. But mostly, I’m incredibly thankful that my body is capable of doing all the active things that I love.