I fully understand that in all likelihood I am going to regret that statement, especially because Comcast was one of the two most hated companies in America in 2014 and because there are tons of horror stories surrounding their customer service.  But for right now I have internet and the roommates have cable football and my roommate Arnaud has Bachelor in Paradise and that’s all that matters.

To be fair, the Comcast technician showed up about an hour late, but better late than never à la AT&T.  I was sitting in the living room when he knocked and saw him walk up to the door, but I waited a few seconds so as not to seem like such an eager beaver.  I then went to open the door, and…

…I couldn’t.  Recently we’ve been having problems with our front doorknob not turning properly, and it takes some banging and pushing and shoving to get the door to open.  I tried all that for a solid 60 seconds while the guy was standing outside and I literally could not get the door open.  I then tried to open the window next to the door and it got stuck.  At this point he kind of smirked at me through the window and asked if he should go around, to which I gave an embarrassed “yes, please”.

This is the end result. The middle part is stuck, so I need to find some WD40. In the meantime, I’ve just been sticking a tennis ball in the hole. It’s totally legit.

That’s how our Comcast guy spent the first fifteen minutes of his visit trying to fix our doorknob.  Score one for Comcast.  Then he looked at the wireless router they had given us in the Comcast store when we went to sign up, pronounced it to be a piece of shit, and then went to get a better one from his van.  Score two.  He also did some magical wiring down the stairs because our house is stupid and there isn’t a coaxial cable in our living room, and he showed me how to change our router’s SSID and password as well as add more people to our account and access unlimited recordings of Bachelor in Paradise.  Score three.

I also used my dad’s Comcast xfinity login info to access our neighbor’s wifi during our week without internet.  It was slow as anything but it worked.  Score three and a half.

So right now, the score is Comcast 3.5, AT&T -5, but it very well could change.  I’m sure I’ll keep you updated.