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Fall Colors, Snow, and Sunshine in Yosemite

In a very on-brand fashion, I celebrated my return to the US by spending two consecutive weekends in Yosemite with my favorite people during the first two weekends in November. The weather forecast for the first weekend predicted lots of... Continue Reading →

Partners in climb {Yosemite National Park}

In spanish, they have the concept of a "cordada," which literally means "roped together." A cordada is sort of the same thing as a belay partner, but implies a closer friendship/partnership. My favorite translation is courtesy of one of my... Continue Reading →

A couple of Yosemite classics

Last bit of California summer stuff before I move on to Chile shenanigans, I promise. I'm going back to posting about climbing mostly because Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite is just visually stunning in every direction and my mother hasn't seen... Continue Reading →

I can never remember to put my shoes on {Yosemite Climbing Highlights}

Will and I had an awesome weekend in Yosemite, particularly on Sunday with our climbing guide Nick.  I think he appreciated the fact that we know how to tie proper knots and how to belay safely, because apparently most of his time... Continue Reading →

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