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Kilimanjaro tips for success

I've compiled a list of things to know before embarking on a trek to the tippity top of Africa. Some of these I did during my Kilimanjaro trip and was happy about, and some I didn't do and was sad about,... Continue Reading →

A Walk in the Park {Kilimanjaro 2018 – Part II}

If you're confused, read Part I of my crazy family Christmas adventure first. And if you're bored of all this trekking, skip ahead to read about our two-day safari. Day 5: Barafu Camp is really cold After going up and... Continue Reading →

A Walk in the Park {Kilimanjaro 2018 – Part I}

By park, I mean Kilimanjaro National Park. And by walk, I mean seven-day trek. And by in, I mean to the tippity-top of. So, what I really intend to write about, is: A seven-day trek to the tippity-top of Kilimanjaro... Continue Reading →

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