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AT&T Achieving the Impossible

I thought it was impossible to be worse than French bureaucracy.  I really did.  But AT&T has done it.  They embody a whole 'nother level of incompetent. It started with the move to a new house.  We were in the dark ages... Continue Reading →

The latest catch-22

I was super excited to have a working French bank card so I could pay for a flight online in Euros.  Using my American credit card incurs a bunch of random exchange fees that I'd rather avoid.  So I get to... Continue Reading →

France, you’re doing it wrong

If inefficiency was a competition, France would win hands-down. Here's a rundown of my first two days at École Polytechnique.  I was talking to a friend from home recently and explaining this whole process, and he said that if he... Continue Reading →

French Bureaucracy

The number of forms I have had to fill out in order to attend Ecole Polytechnique continues to amaze me. I understand them wanting to see my demographic information and academic record and proof of enrollment at Caltech, but my... Continue Reading →

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